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Large foundation pits even use methods such as underground continuous walls and column type bored pile interlocking to prevent the collapse of the outer soil layer; For those who are not affected by nearby construction, the well point method can be used to lower the groundwater level, and slope excavation can be used; In cold regions, natural cold gas freezing method can be used for excavation, and so on.
The construction unit should organize experts to prove the special plan for high-risk sub projects that cross certain planning. The foundation pit guardrail is composed of protective mesh and columns. The protective mesh of the foundation pit fence is made of 2cm × Composed of 4cm square tube welding.
Monolithic specification 1.1 meters × 1.7 meters, with cross ear use at both ends Φ 10 bolts are connected and fixed to the column, and each flange is equipped with 4 bolt holes and the top is closed, which are used to connect with the ground Φ Fix with 14 expansion bolts.
After the equipment is installed, the upper edge of the guardrail is flush with the column, and the lower edge is 20cm above the ground, with a distance of 2 meters between the two columns. All the raw materials used are selected from national standard materials, which are strictly constructed according to the drawings, with correct specifications and robust welding points, achieving the purpose of safety protection.
基坑護欄網分類:通用版、規范版(定制)(不同版其他產品首要差異在于資料厚度不同,運用年限不同) 產品承重:400kg基坑護欄網色彩:首要有黃黑相間、紅白相間兩種。具體的可按照客戶要求定做。
Classification of foundation pit guardrail net: universal version, standard version (customized) (the main difference between different versions of other products is the thickness of the data and the service life.) Product weight: 400kg. Foundation pit guardrail net color: mainly available in yellow black and red white. Specific products can be customized according to customer requirements.
Foundation pit guardrail benefits 1. Exquisite and beautiful: using current frequency modulation seamless welding technology, making the welding points perfect and flawless; Good resistance: no fear of wear, rain and aging. Flexibility: Removable and reusable at the end of the project.
基坑護欄網效果:分隔功用 、 阻擋功用 、 警示功用基坑護欄網運用規模:修建施工現場電梯井口安全防護、臨邊安全防護,也廣泛用于配電檢修、電氣檢修、改建施工、交通、公司設置警戒線及其它留步場所等。
Effect of foundation pit guardrail network: separation function, blocking function, warning function. Application scale of foundation pit guardrail network: construction site elevator wellhead safety protection, edge safety protection, also widely used for power distribution maintenance, electrical maintenance, renovation construction, transportation, company warning lines and other places to stay.

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