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The advantage of engineering steel structure fences is that they can be made into different heights, colors, and styles according to needs. In the engineering rental market, common enclosure heights can be divided into five types: 2 meters, 4 meters, 6 meters, 8 meters, and 12 meters. Each height of Class A enclosure can be made into different colors through high-temperature paint baking process during production, or after installation, promotional images or public service advertisements can be posted on the surface of the enclosure, which can decorate the disorderly work site and beautify the urban construction effect through construction enclosure.
The reason why the engineering steel structure enclosure has more stability than other materials is not only related to the material of the enclosure itself, but also to the design of the foundation of the enclosure. The construction enclosure of Class A construction site generally uses M10 cement mortar as the material when installing the foundation, and the rock bricks are laid into 0.5 meters and times; A foundation of 0.5 meters in size can ensure that strong winds below level 10 will not blow the fence away. Although the materials used for leasing Class A enclosures have been repeatedly installed and used, the material itself is very sturdy, so it will not affect its practicality. Therefore, there is no need to consider that the rented Class A enclosure cannot withstand strong winds after installation.
Engineering steel structure enclosure production
As is well known, the installation of steel structure fences can only be carried out in conjunction with the construction site. Due to the sharp increase in demand for fences, the number of fence manufacturers in the market has also increased. Different manufacturers produce different enclosures, and in general, the size of standard specifications of PVC enclosures also varies.
The engineering steel structure fence is related to the safety of construction and pedestrians. Unreasonable sized fences may cause collapse in adverse weather conditions. Therefore, it is not only necessary to select suitable materials for fence, but also to consider the situation of the construction site.
The terrain and topography of each city are different, as well as the climate and other factors. Naturally, the required height and length of the engineering steel structure enclosure are also different. At this point, appropriate adjustments should also be made to ensure the safety of the construction site
The above is the content introduced by the fence manufacturer for everyone. Thank you for taking the time to check our company's information content http://www.xryjy.com If you want to learn more, welcome to call for consultation!

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