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The foundation pit guardrail is mainly connected by electric welding and can be used for temporary protection in various construction projects such as foundation pit edges. Features of foundation pit guardrail products: strong protective performance, beautiful appearance, and the advantages of striking warnings. Product Usage: Used for edge protection on construction sites. It is a highly flexible protective product that can be reused.
基坑護欄 它一般會噴涂成黃色,醒目明亮,在施工現場作為臨時的防護措施,具有非常強的靈活性和防護作用,并且可以拆卸重復使用。它的材料具有很好的耐磨損的能力,不怕雨淋風吹日曬,抗老化能力突出,在安裝時也是非常方便且穩固性極強。生產的時候可以按照客戶的要求來定做,焊接技術可以達到客戶的需求,生產出客戶想要的樣式。
The foundation pit guardrail is usually painted yellow, eye-catching and bright. It serves as a temporary protective measure on the construction site, has strong flexibility and protective effect, and can be disassembled and reused. Its material has good abrasion resistance, is not afraid of rain, wind and sun, has outstanding anti-aging ability, and is also very convenient and stable during installation. During production, customization can be made according to customer requirements. Welding technology can meet customer needs and produce the desired styles.
The application of foundation pit guardrails is also very extensive. It is not limited to the protection around building excavations. It can also be used for pipeline laying, road protection, railway construction protection, community enclosure, garbage pool enclosure, etc. The construction method of the fence net in front of the foundation pit shall be welded, processed, bent, and hot-dip galvanized according to the specifications, until on-site installation. On the basis of completing the setting out and positioning work, carry out foundation and column construction according to requirements, and then carry out grid installation and construction
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