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Material selection: The movable fence in the garden can be made of various materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, etc. Choose suitable materials based on your needs and preferences, considering their weather resistance, durability, and aesthetics.
Size and shape: Customize the size and shape of movable fences in gardens based on specific usage scenarios and size requirements. The height, width, and length of the enclosure can be determined as needed, as well as whether special shapes or curve designs are needed.
Decoration and Style: The movable enclosure in the garden can be designed with decorative elements and styles to enhance aesthetics and coordination with the surrounding environment. You can choose different patterns, patterns, or plant decorations, as well as spray various colors or texture effects.
Mobility and convenience: Ensure that the movable enclosure in the garden has the characteristics of easy movement and installation. In this way, you can flexibly layout and readjust according to actual needs, and can easily disassemble and store.
Safety and stability: The movable fence in the garden needs to have sufficient safety and stability during use to prevent illegal intrusion or accidental movement. Ensure that the enclosure structure is sturdy and consider adding locks and supports to increase stability.
Additional functions: According to requirements, additional functions can be added to movable fences in gardens, such as wind protection, sound insulation, protective nets, etc., to meet specific functional requirements.
When customizing movable fences in gardens, it is best to communicate and collaborate with professional landscape designers or manufacturers to ensure that the best solution is obtained according to your needs. They can provide professional support in design suggestions, material selection, and manufacturing technology.

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