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Color steel foam sandwich panel enclosure is usually used in construction sites, temporary buildings and illegal simple buildings. Rock wool sandwich panel, polyurethane sandwich panel and polystyrene sandwich panel are commonly used for the inner sandwich of color steel foam sandwich panel enclosure.
1. Durability, if properly protected, the service life of the color sandwich panel is 15-20 years.
2. Installation is fast, and the installation of color steel plates is not affected by other environments. The entire installation process can be completed by three people, and can be directly assembled and fixed, making it convenient and fast. High wind resistance coefficient.
3. Lightweight, the weight of color steel sandwich panels is one-fifth that of concrete, which can reduce the load on the structure.
4. Good insulation performance, the core material of the color steel sandwich panel has good insulation and thermal insulation performance.
5、隔音降噪,夾芯板所用芯材具有良好的吸音降噪功能。高度及顏色按客戶要求定制。且本產品厚度達到50mm, 可有效的減低噪音分貝。
5. Sound insulation and noise reduction, the core material used for sandwich panels has good sound absorption and noise reduction functions. The height and color are customized according to customer requirements. And the thickness of this product reaches 50mm, which can effectively reduce noise decibels.
6. Color steel foam sandwich panel enclosure users can make text or graphic advertisements on the project enclosure, and rent advertising space to make full use of the space value.
With the summary from the fence manufacturer, we hope it can be helpful to our customers. If you have any questions or need help, please click on our website: http://www.xryjy.com Or call for consultation, and we will do our best to solve it for you

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