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Construction site enclosure: It is a temporary facility and shelter used to close the construction site. On the one hand, it separates the construction site from the sales site, reducing the adverse impact of on-site construction on the outside world; On the other hand, it can create its own image for the project and assist in project promotion.
Conventional construction site enclosure: Its height generally does not exceed 3 meters, with no vertical height difference, and is usually conveyed visually through the creativity and color of the image.
工地圍擋:此類圍擋,可以達到宣傳并促進項目銷售的目的,但是設計不當的圍墻廣告,則會損害項目形象。 異形圍擋:根據項目定位,采用創新的形式(包括形狀和工藝)進行對圍擋進行包裝。
Construction site fence: This type of fence can achieve the purpose of promoting and promoting project sales, but improperly designed wall advertisements can damage the project image. Irregular enclosure: According to the project positioning, innovative forms (including shape and craftsmanship) are used to package the enclosure.
The form of irregular enclosure is novel and easy to attract the attention of the audience. Fencing manufacturers have found that there are more and more urbanized buildings, and they believe that there will be more and more needs for real estate fences, construction fences, color steel fences, construction site fences, and urban construction fences.
This article is a friendly contribution from fence manufacturers. For more information, please click on: http://www.xryjy.com Sincere attitude. We will provide you with comprehensive services. We will gradually contribute more relevant knowledge to everyone. Stay tuned

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